Dolce Bake Shop
Dolce Bake Shop

Dolce Bake Shop

Dolce Bake Shop is a small local , family-owned and operated bakery specializing in wedding cakes, European pastries, and many other delicious treats that will leave you craving for more.

A new bake shop opened in Transcona, Winnipeg and it is ready to delight you with its wide variety of European-and-south american baked goods such as pastries, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and so much more. Dolce Bake Shop also offers international espresso drinks, made with freshly-ground coffee, and Italian sodas.

Roberto Galli, Pastry Chef & Owner, has been part of the community for many years, and together with his family decided to share his great experience and background bringing you a vast range of high quality and traditional homemade products baked daily in this unique, warm place.

Dolce Bake Shop is located near at 2B - 1565 Regent Avenue west.

Call us Today!

Regent: 204-505-1444

St. Mary's: 204-505-5503

Dolce Bake Shop is located:

Near at 2B - 1565 Regent Avenue West

New Location: 789 St. Mary's Road

Or email us at:

Dolce Bake Shop is Open:

Regent: Mon to Fri 11-6 pm, Sat 10-6 pm, Sun closed

St. Mary's: Tues to Sat 11-6 pm, Sun and Mon closed

Dolce Bake Shop is waiting for you!

Dolce Bake Shop

Dolce Bake Shop